Anonymous (mental_erosion) wrote in afterchildhood,

Hi, My Name Is...


I'm Silent. I was raised by two openly gay mothers. They split up when I was 8, and it was very very hard on me. I'm moving back in with my mother in two weeks, and I'm still in contact with my other mother over the phone. She lives in Austin now (I'm in Houston) so I never get to see her.

I was always open with myself and in regards to my parents. I'm bisexual, and not only have I never had a problem saying it, but I've never had a problem saying "My mom is gay." One time some friends brought it up in school and a member of the football team started going around saying "Yo, his mom is a dyke." That was the only time I ever broke my pacifism in high school, and I royally kicked his ass. I'm not proud of that, but I'm not ashamed of it either. No one ever called my mother a disrespectful word again, and if they did, they were very careful not to let me hear it.

I love this community, I hope it does well.

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