zelda_eckleberg (zelda_eckleberg) wrote in afterchildhood,

I have decided that after much research and very little answers that the only thing to do is write a book. I have recently been trying to find out information about adult children of gay parents. This is a personally relative subject as well as one I don't beleive is brought to the forefront (in a positive light) nearly enough. My life is wonderful, I am happy and all those wonderful things that go with being an open-minded, realistic individual. I Thank my dads for bringing me up with such a great take on life and society. Here is my problem, I know I am not the only one out there who grew up with gay parents. What happens after you get "to old" for support groups and you start new adventures in life, like kids, college, career? How do you handle the age old questions about parenting situations at that point? I am looking for people who want to discuss life, beleifs etc. about growing up with gay parents and the very positive "aftermath" it has. I am very pro-gay paretns, so this is all about how positive thier influence can be and how it has made you a better person. I often question they way that I accept/think about/relate things and wonder if my differences are due to my upbringing. I realize there are difficulties with this life, but they all have a postive outcome eventually. So anyone interested in adding their own experineces/mini-autobiographies/thoughts/whatnot to my book, please let me know. I will galdly share my story with those who share thier's. Email me or pass this along to someone who might want to at roxieengland@yahoo.com
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